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Do you have any questions? Look for answers here.

  • Do you travel?
    We're totally available to travel ANYWHERE. Contact us and we'll get you more information. Our travel packages are designed on a case-by-case basis.
  • How many videographers do you bring?
    We will always have at least two videographers present. Often we will have an employee in training with us, so give them a smile if you see them!
  • How many weddings have you filmed?
    We’ve been creating films at Chapter Capture for 3+ years and filmed over 75 weddings. So ALOT!
  • When is the best time to book?
    We usually get about 160+ requests per year and only book 25ish. So we always recommend reaching out as soon as you’re thinking about booking.
  • Do you setup distracting lighting?
    No way! We love the look of shooting with natural lighting. We don’t use an extra lighting kit during the day or even during the night. As you can tell it looks great!
  • Do you record the vows?
    Yeah! We record the vows in both packages.
  • Do you record the audio for the speeches and ceremony?
    Yeah! In all packages we record the audio for the ceremony and the speeches. We usually have multiple backups too!
  • How do you ensure it's high quality audio?
    For the ceremony we use two three Lav mic's to capture the audio for both the Bride and Groom, as well the officiator. Don’t worry you won’t have any wires showing, it’s discreet. It also won’t interfere with any signals coming from your DJ. It’s all internally recorded. If you wish to not use a Lav mic we have other options as well. We record the toasts by using a slim discreet microphone attached to the DJ's handheld.
  • Do you mic the bride and groom?
    Yes, with the brides permission we've found it works much better to put a Lav mic on both the bride and groom. We also throw a lav mic on the officiant as a backup.
  • Will you get in the way a lot?
    No way! We do our best to blend in on your wedding day. We don’t setup tripods in the middle of the isle or leave piles of gear all over the place. We’re super organized and basically ninjas. Our hope is that you would notice us about as much as you would notice your photographer.
  • What happens if you get sick and can't make it?
    For one, in all 3 years of being in business this has NEVER happend. We’ve never once missed a wedding for any reason ever. Now if this were to happen for some reason, we’d contact you right away and see if we could find a fitting replacement last minute. You’d get a 100% refund and all the help we could provide to make sure you’re all good.
  • Do you get along with the photographer/vendors?
    You obviously haven’t met us. We get along with EVERYONE. We’re pretty dang likeable people. But, yes, photographers and vendors tend to love us. We’re super respectful of photographers, great communicaters, incredbile high fivers, and our moms tell us we have really great smiles.
  • How does the booking process work?
    Pretty simple! We just need to know what package you'd like to go with and where your wedding is taking place. We'd then provide you with a simple contract via PDF document through email with instructions on what to expect next in the process. Once we receive your 25% deposit, you're all set!
  • Do you provide raw footage?
    Yeah! We add raw footage for $100 extra. It will be sent via HighTail, an online space where you can download and view your files. We host your files for 6 months, after which they are cleared off our servers.
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