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Here's Why Hiring a Wedding Videographer Is a Must

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Don’t Skimp on Your Wedding Film

If I had to guess, you've probably never seen your parents wedding film. And if you were to ask, they either wouldn't know where it is, or they would have to dig it out of some box in the attic. If they could even find the video, the film is probably on a VHS tape with bad video quality and features someone running around with a large camera and microphone saying "say something to the bride and groom!"

Photo courtesy of Makayla Larae Photography

The 21st Century.

Just like everything else, the quality of technology has changed. Today quality video and photo is accessible in most everyones pockets. Today, there are no longer massive cameras and film equipment moving around your ceremony. Videography, along with photography, is widely accepted at wedding venues. The great minds of the camera world have gifted us with the ability to be as stealthy as possible without interfering or becoming a distraction to guests.

Photo courtesy of Salt and Cedar Photography

Photography vs. Videography

We often hear the age old question, "I already have a photographer, why do I need a videographer, too?" This is one of those occurrences when this should never be a question, but rather a quick decision. Wedding photographers and videographers, while very similar, serve a completely different purpose.

Wedding photographers freeze that moment in time, capturing a picture that can speak a thousand words. Videographers collect hundreds of thousands of moving images that tell a story like no other. A picture that speaks volumes and captures voices, laughs, and...embarrassing dances.

Wedding films are an element of your day that bring volume and allow people to actually hear the love you express though vows--including the way your voice cracks with heart robbing love. Reciting those words will change your life forever, and having it captured with video does it even more justice.

Twenty Years From Now

Wedding films capture memories, and elements of your day that you might never have gotten to experience (or maybe just allow you to experience them all over again). From the venue to the way your tables looked. It captures the voices and mannerisms or a loved one your kids or grandkids may never get to meet. Technology has allowed us to capture these memories and memorializes them in time forever.

"Cue the regret. Like most brides, I budgeted for photos, but not wedding video. Like 98 percent of brides who make that decision, I regretted not getting a wedding video." said Ariane Fisher, a former bride and Co-founder of WeddingMix.

Unfortunately, time after time, it takes reaching a point in your life where that special someone’s voice is just a memory to make you realize what that investment is really worth. Trust us with this one, hiring a wedding videographer is a must!


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